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Abou​​t Promigas​

More than 45 years connecting markets to sources of energy. This is how we generate value, bring progress and wellbeing
and build long-term, mutually-beneficial relations with everyone with whom we interact. Throughout this period, we have played a leading role in delivering the mass use of gas in Colombia and Peru, and we continue to search for new business opportunities in these countries and in new markets. 

With passion and in an efficient, responsible manner, we develop energy markets directly and through our strategic transportation and distribution business groups, 

the former consisting of organizations which engage in the transportation of natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG), integrated solutions for industry and electricity generation, and the latter of natural gas distribution companies, electricity distribution and marketing entities, and non-banking financing. 

We transport 50% of the natural gas in Colombia via more than 3,200 km of gas pipelines belonging to ourselves and to our transportation companies,

and we provide services for hydrocarbon producers and major industries which include natural gas compression and dehydration, the construction of gas pipelines and interconnection lines, and energy solutions such as generation, cogeneration and self-generation,  

Our affiliate Sociedad Portuaria El Cayao (SPEC) operates a floating regasification terminal that is permanently anchored in a port on Cartagena Bay 

and processes more than 400 MMSCFD. SPEC marks Colombia’s entry into the international LNG market and supports the needs of the country’s thermal generators by meeting their natural gas requirements during periods of peak demand and providing them with the necessary gas for generating 2,000 GW, which represents 40% of the energy demand on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. 

In Colombia, we distribute natural gas to over 3.7 million users - around 15 million people - with a 38% share of the domestic market, 

while in Peru we serve around 1,100,000 users through our share in Cálidda and Quavii, which represent 93% of the natural gas market in that country. 

We operate and maintain almost 26,000 km of electricity distribution networks which deliver electricity to more than 380,000 users 
in 38 towns and cities in the southern part of the country, and we are entering the photovoltaic solar energy market in order to offer customers more environment-friendly energies. 

We hold a AAA rating for issues in Colombia and a BBB- international rating, and we obtained a second international

investment-grade rating (Baa3) from Moody’s, while our affiliates GdO and Surtigas hold a AAA rating in Colombia. We also hold ISO 9001 quality system, OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety, and ISO 14001 environmental certifications.   
We have been involved in the vehicular natural gas (VNG) market, which we pioneered, for more than 24 years, and this has had positive economic and environmental impacts due to the very characteristics of this fuel


​we continue to search for new growth opportunities and to foster initiatives in our efforts to ensure better air quality, especially through the use of VNG in the mass transit systems of cities where we have a presence and by supporting the conversion of heavy-duty freight vehicles to L​NG. ​

Promigas has led the natural gas revolution in Colombia, and this has had a positive economic, social and environmental impact.