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The Annual Management Report, which is drawn up in accordance with reporting sustainability principles, is the main accountability channel we use for all our audiences.

The information published has been selected and prioritized on the basis of the most relevant matters for Promigas and its interest groups, and covers businesses we are involved in through the companies that make up our strategic transportation and distribution groups. The financial information also includes companies in which we have a shareholding but which we do not control. The indicators reported for our affiliates are for information purposes and are not covered by the scope of the GRI Content Index. For further information, please consult those companies’ respective reports.

This report has been produced in accordance with GRI Standards, ‘Essential’ option. It was drawn up by Promigas Corporate Communications Management, with EY verification. Should you have any queries or comments, please do not hesitate to send them to us at comunicaciones@promigas. ​

Note. The 2018 version of the Promigas Annual Management Report was published in March 2019
and includes information relating to the period from January 1 to December 31, 2018. 

GEN Transportation: Promigas, Promisol, Promioriente, Transmetano, Transoccidente, SPEC.

GEN Distribution: Gases de Occidente, Surtigas, Compañía Energética de Occidente,
Gases del Pacífico, Gases del Caribe, Efigas, Gases de 
La Guajira, Cálidda.​