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Board of Directors​​



An ordinary meeting of shareholders was held on 

March 22nd 2019, and telecommunication technologies such as videoconferences and teleconferences, which transmitted the meetings and presentations of results, were used in order to encourage participation. Shareholders were invited to participate through press releases in a newspaper with a wide circulation in Colombia and via email addresses registered in the corresponding database; participation was also encouraged through publications on the Financial Superintendency and Promigas websites.   

Promigas maintains its commitment to continue as a Colombian Stock Exchange IR issuer. ​


Attendance at meetings of the Board of Directors was active. 

​14 meetings were held in 2019, 12 of them ordinary sessions and two extraordinary, and each member attended an average of nine meetings.

The Board of Directors is in contact with the Fiscal Auditor,
insofar as they meet periodically at sessions of the Audit,
Risks and Good Corporate Governance Committee.
​Members of this Committee also meet in private on an annual basis with the Fiscal Auditor and Internal Audit, with no management in attendance, in order to determine the degree of independence the internal auditor has when performing his duties and if he has received the necessary support for doing his work. .

The firm KPMG was elected as Fiscal Auditor for the period from
March 2019 to March 2020 at the General Meeting of Shareholders
held on March 22nd 2019 (Minute 080).
​By means of Board of Directors Minute 485 dated February 14th 2019, Aquiles Ignacio Mercado González, Natalia Abello Vives, Wilson Chinchilla Herrera and Ricardo Fernández Malabet were appointed as alternates to the President.  ​​.