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Performance highlights​

Jobo-Majaguas gas pipeline and Filadelfia compression station commence operations.
As part of the Jobo-Cartagena infrastructure expansion project, a 20-inch, 85 km gas pipeline has been built from Jobo station, in Córdoba, to Majaguas station, in Sucre. The gas pipeline and compression station are part of the first stage of the project to expand the existing natural gas transportation network by 100 MMSCFD, which will enable new gas reserves to be transported from fields in Sucre and Córdoba, in Colombia's Caribbean region.​

Promigas reaches piura and leads gas expansion in Peru.

Through its affiliate Gasnorp, Promigas will invest USD 230 million in the natural gas transportation and distribution system in the Piura region, which will initially benefit 260,000 inhabitants who currently do not have any such service. ​

The installation of a 1,000 km network capable of transporting 40 MMSCFD, which will link producers in the region to users in all segments, will lead to savings of around USD 41.1 million for local industries in the first four years of operation. ​

Successful international bond issue a Promigas landmark.
Promigas and its affiliates made a successful debut on the international capitals market with a US$ 400 million bond issue.

​The great demand during the process,  USD 2,600 million - in other words, six times the target set by the company - enabled Promigas to get the lowest interest rate achieved by a Colombian issuer on the international market.

This operation, which will not lead to any incremental indebtedness since all funds obtained will be allocated to refinancing existing loans with better market conditions in terms of rates and expiry terms, confirms the trust that international markets have in the company’s activities in Colombia and Peru and opens up a new and important source of financing for the future.​

Fitch ratings maintains international bbb- and national aaa ratings, and we obtain a second investment grade rating

Because of the stability of our operations, due to our strictly adhering to financial obligations and a correct policy of allocating funds to Capex, Opex and dividends, Fitch Ratings has maintained the BBB- (international) rating for the ninth consecutive year for IDR issues in local and foreign currency and stressed the company’s strong market position, geographical diversification, low investor risk profile, and stable and predictable revenue structure. At international level, we obtained a second investment grade rating (Baa3) from Moody’s.

Promigas has also maintained its AAA national rating for the 18th consecutive year, with a stable perspective, as have our affiliates GdO and Surtigas, while Promioriente has maintained its AA+ rating,likewise granted by Fitch Ratings.

Promigas completes the longest underwater crossing in Latin America

The work, on which construction commenced in January 2019, is part of the Jobo-Cartagena gas pipeline. The pipework for the crossing, which is 3,400 meters long and
passes under El Dique canal at a depth of 110 meters, runs from the village of Correa to María La Baja, in Bolívar, and the environmental impact on the area is minimal.​

Reaching Piura has enabled Promigas to consolidate its position as one of the leading gas transportation and distribution companies in Latin America. 

Shareholder transparency recognition    

The Colombian Stock Exchange has recognized that Promigas is an issuer that has adopted the highest standards in terms of disseminating information and corporate governance, and for the seventh consecutive year the company received IR (or IR Issuer) Recognition, which is granted to 

Excelencia operacional en transporte de gas.

En Colombia, transportadoras asociadas ejecutaron sus actividades con indicadores de continuidad superiores a 99,9 %. 
Destacamos que Promioriente​ cumplió 25 años llevando progreso a Santander, departamento en el que es la primera empresa en utilidades e impacto social.

​New SPEC partner.

By bringing on board Dutch company Royal Vopak, a new partner with extensive experience in LNG for our affiliate SPEC, we will be able to redefine the SPEC business plan, consolidate its position and extend its operations toward new business initiatives.


Innovation achievements 

Promigas has been granted Level 3 Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) certification, making it the first company in Latin America to receive this award. This certification model is a worldwide industry standard for measuring and certifying the innovation skills and structure of persons, governments and companies. The award made, for innovation competence, validates the fact that the company’s management model and system are suitable for contributing to business growth.

The award also certifies that “there is a critical mass of the workforce who receive innovation training, a commitment by top management, and a portfolio of innovation projects in different business units that are oriented toward creating and capturing value in the long term”.   

More than 200 companies on the Fortune 500 list, including Cigna, Verizon, Bunge, P&G, Alibaba, Eastman Chemical, Natura and Emirates NBD, have taken part in developing innovation skills based on the GIMI methodology, and around 10,000 people and 800 companies in over 60 countries have been certified.

The launch of our Center for Energy and Gas Research and Innovation, which is operated by Promigas Innovation Management, brings together 12 companies, more than 3,100 staff and two research and development units, together with two new business areas, and aims to guide the national energy transformation program toward a sustainable future where gas plays a major role, alongside new sources of energy. ​


The Promigas foundation celebrates its twentieth anniversary

In the course of our dedicated work, we have focused on improving the quality of education. Through more than a hundred public and private sector alliances we have been able to reach 2,137 public schools around the country, 84% of them in Colombia’s Caribbean region and 16% elsewhere, 46% of them in rural areas.

The programs we have carried out using our own education models have impacted the skills of 21,866 teachers and managers and influenced learning for 1,615,231 students. In addition to this is the influence we have achieved over public education policies in the region, such as by having become directly involved in drawing up the Ten-Year Education Plan for Barranquilla. Through its knowledge management line, which is recognized and certified both nationally and internationally, the Foundation has made more than 70 publications available to the academic community.​

Green freight transportation 

Gases de Occidente has continued to commit itself to consolidating vehicular natural gas (VNG) usage by bringing in 15 mini-trucks that use VNG exclusively as fuel as they travel distances of more than 500 km between Buenaventura and Bogotá. 

This project is the biggest gas-powered heavy freight
operation in the country to date. 

Promigas and Surtigas connected user number 800,000 

Promigas affiliate Surtigas
connected user number 800,000, in the town of Mompox. This Promigas and Surtigas landmark shows Colombia and Latin America that a safe, clean, sustainable and economical energy transformation is possible, with the enormous social and environmental benefits that this brings.  

Over a period of five decades of distributing natural gas as a replacement for firewood and coal, Surtigas has helped to reduce tropical dry forest deforestation in Colombia’s Caribbean region, which has had an impact on SDGs in environmental and human health terms.  ​

Cities with better air

GdO took part in the introduction into service of 21 natural gas-driven buses in the mass transportation system in Cali, and continues to support conversions of heavy freight vehicles to VNG.  

Cali thus joins other cities, such as Cartagena, where our affiliate Surtigas supported Transcaribe, which began operations in March 2016 with VNG buses in its fleet, resulting in one of the best investments in mobility and the environment the city has made. 

Committed to competitiveness in Antioquia through natural gas

The Antioquia Inter-Industry Committee, Naturgas and Transmetano signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at boosting sustainability, competitiveness and productivity in Antioquia province and the country. This alliance seeks to expand supply, make demand dynamic, and develop the natural gas market as a clean solution for mobility and industry, with a view to improving the quality of the air breathed by the inhabitants of Medellín, the Aburrá Valley, Antioquia, and the whole of Colombia.  

​Good mobility practices

The World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Mobility, in Geneva, included Promigas in its 2019 Report as one of 13 outstanding companies in its Global Corporate Transportation Mobility Challenge. 61% of employees participate and 60% of these do so with zero carbon emissions; measurements are made and documented on a daily basis, following the five modalities in the program.


Promigas searches for new forms of sustainable energy  
We incorporate new forms of sustainable energy in order to diversify the energy solutions we offer.  


Resources for research 

After two years devoted to administration, design and evaluation, the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) approved a grant of USD 649,310 to Promigas for analyzing the feasibility of implementing concentrated thermo-solar energy technologies in Colombia. This initiative will enable Promigas to have exclusive knowledge for determining the viability of a new renewable thermal energy service in its areas of influence.

There are no industrial applications of the concentrated thermo-solar energy system in Colombia. 

However, in the United States there are 1,836 MW, in Spain 2,370 MW, and in the rest of Europe 1,650 MW, and these currently supply clean energy to the network. ​


Surtigas commits itself to renewable energies in order to contribute to energy transformation in the Caribbean region.

Surtigas will carry out its first renewable energies project, which consists of installing over 2,000 rooftop solar panels that will generate 30% of the electricity a shopping mall in Cartagena requires. ​

This initiative, which involves an investment of COP 3,000 million and will bring significant operational savings, will prevent approximately 503 equivalent tonnes of CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere, a figure which represents the carbon absorbed by 20 hectares of forest or that emitted by 115 automobiles in one year.  ​

Investments in new energies

Our affiliate CEO ended the year with 583 kWp of installed power, representing more than 200% growth in its solar energy generation. ​

In November 2019 it had installed more than 370 MWh, with a billing figure of COP 124 million.