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To strengthen the overall development of our staff and the corporate culture

Staff attraction and retention 

To identify and select the most suitable candidates, who should share corporate values, and to promote the retaining of staff with a high potential who will allow the business to grow.   

For Promigas, recruiting the best talents and encouraging them to remain with the company leads to staff understanding the strategic value of their good performance and their growth opportunities, thereby enabling the company to enjoy continuity in its pursuit of its business objectives in an efficient and prompt manner and to generate win-win relations for the parties. 

We believe that quality service begins with quality personnel, and this is why we at Promigas are always trying to attract the best talents, so that we can offer our interest groups a better service. We work every day to carry out selection processes to the highest standards, in order to meet the company’s needs and expectations, offer attractive retention plans, and foster internal mobility opportunities that will allow our staff to achieve their goals.​

A total of 50 vacancies were filled at Promigas in 2019, 34% of which were through internal promotions while the remaining 66% involved hiring new employees. This in itself is an indicator which shows that Promigas creates jobs and, at the same time, it is a thermometer of talent renewal in the organization.  


We continued in 2019 to measure potential, in order to identify suitable candidates to fill posts with greater managerial responsibility. These plans have enabled us to identify people who will be ready in the short, medium and long terms.     ​

100% of the target population were also evaluated during the year. 59% of posts at strategic and tactical levels in all companies in the portfolio have been evaluated to date. We have identified specific development recommendations for current leaders and successors through our Talent Development program, and these are integrated into development plans each year.  ​

Knowledge management 

To foster the idea that the knowledge possessed by our staff boosts business strategy through continuous and strategic training opportunities.

Promoting knowledge development and transmission enables us to have staff who are ready to fully and adequately meet challenges associated with their responsibilities as they go about bringing business needs into line with their personal growth expectations.

We are conscious of the fact that our team is the organization’s principal asset and we are confident that its personal and professional development will help us to achieve the strategic goals we have established, and all companies in the portfolio therefore strengthen the Talent Development program every day, with a view to preparing our team for future challenges or posts with greater responsibility.​

One notable feature of 2019 was the structuring and implementation of the skills reinforcement program in the S/4 HANA and Success Factors modules by creating training materials designed to be used in the virtual and non-virtual modalities. A total of 58 courses were built, the contents of which (simulations, tests, scripts) documented knowledge associated with the modules for managing finance, logistics, maintenance, project, commercial and payroll processes at Promigas and its transportation companies. Additionally, the Human Resources’ Employee Central module went live for transportation and distribution companies.  

Due to these technological updates, the priority for the training plan was to disseminate new associated knowledge and the development of the respective skills, using the Learning module platform for these subjects and those associated with information security and business continuity.

As part of the corporate skills reinforcement program, work continued on Leadership skills in the form of individualized coaching sessions, the holding of systemic equipment coaching workshops, and the reinduction of primary group leaders, who received training in the use of a material for developing skills in members of their groups.  ​​

Strengthening the organizational climate 

To maintain a positive work climate for all staff, thus enabling them to improve their competitiveness and their sense of belonging to the company. 

Organizational climate management encourages staff to adopt company values and increase their sense of belonging. Similarly, constantly reinforcing the work environment within the organization helps to bring its objectives into line with employee growth and development objectives. 

Our aim is to guarantee that the organization has a skilled team to achieve its goals by promoting the team’s health and overall development and providing an organizational climate and culture that are in line with corporate strategy.   

Climate action plans were drawn up in 2019 on the basis of measurements made in 2018, in order to respond to concerns detected by staff and with a view to improving their motivation and their commitment to the organization. 


These actions focused on disseminating the results at every level of the organization and on working on six teams using focal groups and individual interviews, which enabled in-depth results to be obtained. As a result of this work, areas where there was room for improvement were identified in three groups, which were assisted in constructing and implementing their action plans, and follow-up was carried out on these in order to ensure that they achieved the goals established. Notable among these actions were team strengthening workshops and individual coaching for managers.  ​

We continued with methodology reinduction for primary groups, and 60 team leaders took part. These opportunities enabled internal communications to be strengthened, relations improved, and healthy working environments to be promoted. Teams will be assisted in 2020 in consolidating these opportunities for interaction. ​


​In 2019 we continued to provide opportunities for promoting and reflecting on our corporate values through leisure and creative activities. A contest called “V Factor: Singing with Value” was held during the year, with nine companies taking part.  ​​​ ​At the national competition to choose the winners, which was held in Barranquilla, employees from all the companies took part, and their 1,064 votes were 40% of the total score. The Gases de Occidente (GdO) team was the winner.  

Occupational Health

Having adequate, prompt health management practices that are fully in line with the characteristics and needs of the Promigas business results in fewer occupational illnesses and enables trends and patterns that promote the overall wellbeing of staff and their family group to be identified. 

We promote health at work and caring for our staff and their family nucleus by designing programs that focus on improving their lifestyle, reducing risks through changes in habits and behavior, preventing occupational and common illnesses, and family integration.​

​​ ​​

To promote and maintain the physical, mental and social wellbeing of workers in all occupations by preventing injuries and sickness caused by working conditions and protecting and improving staff health and the working environment and conditions.  
Quality of life:
​As part of the change-of-shift procedure for staff at the Promigas and SPEC Main Control Centers, the PEVS app was introduced, the object of which is to systematically ensure that people’s physical, cognitive and emotional health when they start their daily job is adequate for their working day, and to guarantee proper process safety and continual reinforcement of self-care messages with a view to consolidating healthy working environments as part of corporate culture.
882 surveys of 13 members of staff were conducted between May and December 2019. The results showed that 64% of them arrived in optimum condition for doing their job and that the remaining 36% had slight fatigue, which it was possible to identify and remedy in time by means of a series of recovery exercises. 

Care Schools:
This program is a new educational strategy that enables us to encourage person-centered processes, thus favoring the learning and appropriation of care as an everyday social practice in our workforce on matters relating to health or which contribute to the organization’s risk management. We began in 2019 with the Care School for the Prevention of Osteo-Muscular Injuries. 30 members of Promigas staff took part, 13 of whom graduated and are today leaders and capable of supporting observation and feedback processes with their respective trams in order to prevent bad postures that could give rise to injuries.
​​ Health Club:
This program evolved in 2019 toward ‘care awareness’ as an essential part of getting our staff, both at Promigas and at all back-office companies, to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The customary structure of the program was modified and it joined other programs, such as Sustainable Mobility (walking and cycling) and leisure and sports activities (gymnastics, football, softball). This new strategy extended to all Health Club personnel, which went from having 99 participants in 2018 to a current figure of 320; in other words, a 223% increase. 

Work Reintegration Program:
​​Work group assistance was strengthened for all companies in the portfolio this year, with a view to ensuring that care processes were carried out in the best way possible by Social Security System entities. In the last quarter of the year, 21 of 35 open cases were able to be closed; in other words, the effectiveness figure was 60%. This reduction is highly significant, not only at internal level in terms of real follow-up on cases but also because it enables entities to reduce their reserves, which results in bigger returns on support activities for adhering to the Health and Safety at Work Management System.​