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To strengthen supplier and contractor management

Sustainable management with suppliers

To have suppliers and contractors who offer the goods and services needed for the operations of Promigas and its affiliates in the context of good environmental and social practices.​

Sustainable supplier management enables the organization’s guidelines to be incorporated throughout the supply chain and risks which affect not only the company’s reputation but also the different interest groups to be mitigated. We therefore engage in relations with our suppliers on the basis of strict ethical, transparency and fairness principles, with a view to doing business under just, mutually beneficial and long-term conditions.

We achieve sustainable supplier management by means of a rigorous selection process; we ensure that our suppliers are subjected to risk evaluations before they are hired, with a view to guaranteeing transparency in terms of asset laundering or the financing of terrorism; we attract suppliers in order to forge strategic alliances that will enable us to develop the regions where we operate, and we work hand in hand to achieve better human rights, labor, environmental, and health and safety practices.​



​55 critical suppliers were visited during the year for checking that facilities were in accordance with the information recorded in the system and that environmental, social and good governance policies were being adhered to, including with respect to human rights. ​​ Suppliers certified in ISO 14001 standard in 2019: 50% (24% in 2018)
With respect to critical suppliers, we continued the self-evaluation exercise in 2019 on sustainability matters. 46 such suppliers were surveyed. 


We continued our good-practice activities by holding the sixth annual gathering of Promigas goods and services suppliers and back office companies, an event where relevant information was shared for improving relations and opportunities were provided for listening and discussing matters of interest for the parties, as well as environmental and occupational health issues, cybersecurity management and ethics, with the presentation of our Anticorruption Policy (FCPA). 73 people were in attendance, representing 30% of our significant suppliers. 


continued to carry out its Sustainable Supplier Management Program, which covers both suppliers and contract administrators, in order to finetune such matters as process safety management skills, the correct administration of findings and unconformities, and climate change opportunities.  

Its local supplier development program, in conjunction with the Cartagena Chamber of Commerce (Competitive Maintenance cluster), made progress on categorizing the critical services that Surtigas needs to contract and held a relationship session for persons responsible for these processes at Surtigas and in other affiliate companies, so that they could later be registered in the master suppliers plan and be taken into consideration in future contracting processes.​



continued its Proser program, in which it invested COP 991 million. This aims to promote fair, decent work among suppliers and contractors and to strengthen their management, leadership and customer service skills as well as the necessary technical skills for the connection, maintenance, suspension and reconnection processes. Its contribution to job creation benefited over 2,000 people, 78% of them at local level this year.​



trained 92% of its critical suppliers in health and safety at work, and followed up on progress made in implementing its health and safety management systems. ​