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To guarantee a safe operation


We guarantee safety in our operations by providing adequate conditions and reinforcing the prevention culture and safe and sound behavior.

The safety of our employees, contractors, customers and communities is one of our priorities that we work for by preventing and mitigating risks in our processes.

We work every day to consolidate and promote a safety culture that enables us to anticipate risks and prevent accidents in our operation. 

Our Health and Safety at Work Management System is based on such national and international standards as Decree 1072 of 2015, NTC OHSAS standard 18001 with transition to ISO 45001, and the Cornerstones of Process Safety, which focus on natural gas infrastructure integrity for business continuity.

What do we base ourselves on?
On our Health and Safety at Work Management System, which meets national and international standards.

Through pressurized pipework is fire and explosion, and we therefore focus our efforts on improving safety management with our Maintaining Gas in Pipework process.    

In order to reinforce even more the technical knowledge of our personnel, last December we therefore carried out training with a firm of experts in the electrical classification of dangerous areas for 61 members of staff from the Engineering, Maintenance, Operations and Industrial Safety areas at Promigas and its affiliated companies, with a view to reinforcing their knowledge of these issues. The target in 2020 is to reach a figure of 120 participating officials.  


 There is a need to carry out maintenance activities in order to guarantee the availability of our gas infrastructure, and this implies that our own personnel or contractors could be exposed to high-risk tasks; we have therefore drawn up various strategies for reinforcing competence and implementing effective control systems that will prevent accidents occurring while these tasks are being carried out.


The Dangerous Energy Control System (lock out and tag out) has been implemented in order to prevent accidents occurring when work is being done on energized systems or equipment. The company’s operating areas received theoretical and practical training, specifications were designed for blocking each item of equipment, and blocking kits were handed out for implementing the standard. 

Technical personnel were given training in procedures for working safely in confined spaces, and assistance was provided for various gas infrastructure maintenance activities that involve working in such spaces.  

By providing training activities while working safely at heights (or “learning by doing”), every year we develop the skills of our personnel and contractors who are involved in such work. 

Our contractors are among our interested parties and they are very important when it comes to safety at work management, so we help them to improve their performance. The “Supervisor, Safety Leader” training school was therefore held, during which their leadership skills were strengthened, with an emphasis on industrial safety. One hundred supervisors and resident engineers from 19 important service companies duly graduated.


There were no fatalities  at either Promigas or any of its affiliates.

Surtigas obtained a score of 81% in the first diagnosis under the new SST ISO 45001: 2018 standard. The company continued to implement the Process Safety Model with guidance from the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS), which enabled it to construct the integrity baseline for the steel network. And it succeeded in reducing its accident frequency and that of its contractors by 18%. ​

CEO completed the Induction and Reinduction program for all new personnel and contractors, and also the Health and Safety at Work training plan, which covered the question of safe working at heights, among other things.