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To strengthen the value proposal for our customers

Customer Service quality
To guarantee our customers a prompt, reliable and safe service that is at the forefront of their needs and expectations and which enables us to provide value added solutions that are in line with our internal quality culture.

Internally, we focus on strengthening the service culture in our personnel and contractors in order to transmit a warm attitude that inspires respect, integrity, solidarity, a passion for what we do, and excellence. 

Gas transportation operations 
In 2019, the Promigas gas pipeline system on the Coast extended for 2,671 kilometers. By the year end, the company had a maximum transportation capacity of 967 MMSCFD and a gas transported volume of 350.5 MMSCFD, 4% down on the previous year because the availability figure for the Coast-Interior electricity interconnection infrastructure  and other regional electricity circuits was lower in 2018, resulting in the thermal power stations reporting higher dispatch figures that year. 

One notable feature of the second half of 2019 was the commissioning of the loop, or parallel gas pipeline for increasing transportation capacity, between Jobo (Córdoba) and Majaguas (Sucre), which is 85 km long and has a diameter of 20 inches, thus enabling us to increase our transportation capacity by 100 MMSCFD; operations also commenced at the new Filadelfia station, 38 km from Sincelejo. ​

Other gas consumption sectors on the Coast have remained stable, as will be seen from the following table, which summarizes their annual consumption. 

Complete project, which consists of expanding more than 200 km of the transportation network on the following routes: : ​​ Jobo-Majaguas gas pipeline (Canacol wells to Sincelejo), Mamonal-Paiva gas pipeline (Cartagena to new Paiva station), and Paiva-Caracolí gas pipeline (new Paiva station to Barranquilla). This also included activities at three compressor stations, adaptation of Caracolí Compression Station, expansion of Filadelfia Compression Station, and the construction of a new one at Paiva.  

Our distributors

​​Surtigas entered the electricity and thermal energy sale market for the industries, sector with solar panels and gas combustion motors. On the household market, it continues to be the best-rated public service by the inhabitants of Cartagena, with an 89% favorability figure and 98% recognition in the most recent survey conducted by “Cartagena cómo Vamos”. It also achieved the best satisfaction rating in Montería, a city where 2019 was the first year that measurements were made. 

GdO improved by one per cent in the 2019, Cali cómo Vamos” citizen perception survey in 2019, from 88% in 2018 to 89%. In the same survey in the municipality of Yumbo, the figures were 92% in 2019, compared to 85% in 2018. And in the first evaluation carried out under the “Cómo Vamos” program in Buenaventura, the satisfaction figure was 85%, making it the best public services company in that city.  

CEO now reaches 38 of the 42 municipalities in Cauca province, in southwest Colombia, and has five corporate customers in Palmira, Pereira, Barranquilla and Cartagena. 
CEO had two solar energy projects, for a total of around 187 kWp in early 2019, but it ended the year with an installed power of 583 kWp, a growth figure of more than 200%. Solar energy generation in the five projects installed totaled over 370 MWh by November. 

Quavii searched for opportunities in new segments and succeeded, in converting five fish processing plants which formerly used petroleum waste to natural gas.

Enlace, in its search for greater efficiency, introduced two projects The first involved using descriptive analytic indicators to facilitate analysis and planning, improve decision-making and cut costs, while the second involved the updating and systematization of business processes for field work.  


Development of competitive solutions through innovation

​Innovation enables us to strengthen the value proposal for our current customers and to diversify and enrich our portfolio of products and services on the energy market, and hence contribute to the economic growth, sustainability and overall development of our customers and our environment.

 We view innovation as a human process in which our ability to understand and anticipate needs and trends in the environment converges with our strategy, resources and market position to create and construct new value and make this available to our customers and other interest groups

In 2019, when operations at our Center for Energy and Gas Research and Innovation (CIIEG) were consolidated, approval was obtained for its new governance model, the 2019-2022 innovation strategy, the corporate innovation indicators system and the innovation management model which clearly defines roles and responsibilities at Promigas and in the companies in its investment portfolio, including the identification of projects that will be led at corporate level. This innovation architecture, which was drawn up in line with good international practices, was certified by the Global Innovation Management Institute in the United States at Compliance Level 3. Promigas was the first company in Latin America to receive this award.

​​​ ​The strategy defines two growth vectors via innovation: renewable gases and distributed generation. In this latter line, distributed generation, Promigas, CIIEG and Promisol received approval for a grant of around USD 650,000 from USTDA for conducting a feasibility study into implementing thermo-solar systems for industrial process heat. This technology would allow for diversification in the portfolio of solutions by means of a renewable concentration heat supply that today does not exist in the country. Headed by Innovation Management with Colciencias and the National Taxation Benefit Council, it has enabled four new projects for accessing this mechanism to be classified, with a projected tax benefit of more than COP 2,000 million for the years 2019 to 2022. 

Under the terms of the agreement that was signed between Promigas and the Royal Academy of Engineering in the United Kingdom for launching the Industry and Academia Association Program, Promigas made the first of two invitations, with a place being awarded to attend the Operations Forum and an internship on a project at our research center.    

We would like to highlight the fact that, for the second consecutive year, our affiliate CEO won the Ambar Award in the Innovation and Technological Development category for the work entitled “Design and Implementation of a Multipurpose Solution for the Telemetering of Commercial Frontiers, Energy Loss Control and Fault Location in the SDL”. According to the Business Innovation ranking published by Dinero magazine and ANDI, CEO is one of the top ten incipient innovation systems.