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Our sustainability approach

Materiality, scope and coverage

We at Promigas approach sustainability from a transverse angle as we seek to generate lasting economic, social and environmental value between interested parties, centered around the human being as the cornerstone of all our actions. We foster sustainable development based on ethics and transparency, and we treat opportunities and risks deriving from our management in a responsible and effective manner. 

We constantly review our activities and we compare ourselves against the highest sustainability standards, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which enables us to work on any gaps that might be identified in our efforts to improve the performance of our organization. 

In 2019 we began a process of validating and updating our materiality, taking into account new trends in the environment and our corporate reality.

As a result, we integrated emerging issues such as cybersecurity and access to energy for vulnerable customers, and also progress toward decarbonizing the portfolio and research into, and implementation of, projects involving new forms of energy.


Our management model is centered around three fundamental focal points which guide our actions, and when these are coordinated with strategy, we display relevant matters on which our management, measurement and communication at corporate level are focused. 

This is how we make our accountability viable and communicate progress made in our management with a sustainable approach in terms of the contribution to business (growth, productivity, risk mitigation, profitability) and compliance with interest groups. 

Our material issues are corporate; in other words, they extend to the companies that make up our portfolio. Internally, they relate to our employees, while externally they relate to the target publics detailed in each one. 

We are also committed to the Global Compact and its principles, and to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which enable us to identify future growth opportunities, improve the value of business sustainability, use our resources in a more efficient way, strengthen relations with interested parties, and participate in a common language and with a common goal.  ​



Relations with interest groups

We constantly foster scenarios for interaction, with a view to understanding the perceptions and expectations of our interest groups and thus cultivate long-term, mutually-beneficial relations, bearing in mind that this is one of our fundamental focal points.

Each process has its mechanisms and procedures for incorporating this information into its continual improvement cycles, and also for receiving and dealing with petitions, complaints, claims and reports.


We have an Investor Relations office where they can be attended to directly, and every quarter we share our results by teleconference and the annual Shareholders Meeting was transmitted online. As part of our commitment, we remain a Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC) IR issuer.

Board of Directors
We hold monthly meetings. Currently there are three independent members and seven equity ones.

We are in constant communication with them through our internal channels and primary group meetings. We measure their satisfaction every two years via our organizational climate studies.


They are our neighbors in areas of influence of our operations. We are in constant communication with them through our attention lines and community education programs and visits. When we have new projects, we share these with them and conduct prior consultations where applicable, as established by law.


For us, service value is a fundamental part of our culture, and we are therefore committed to their loyalty and entire satisfaction. Consequently, Commercial Management and Operations Management professionals maintain close relations and communicate constantly and directly. We measure their satisfaction every year and improve our services on the basis of the feedback we receive. 

Suppliers and contractors

We create opportunities for relating and communication, and we periodically carry out activities aimed at keeping them updated on matters relating to safety, health and environment. We have measured their loyalty since 2014, and we improve our processes on the basis of these results. 

Government and regulatory bodies
As we are a regulated business, this interest group is of vital importance to us. We always meet requirements promptly and keep our communication channels up to date.

Associations to which we belong

​Promigas and its affiliates play an active part in associations and initiatives which help them to achieve their goals and contribute to the social and economic development of regions where they operate. Promigas, Gases de Occidente, Surtigas and Compañía Energética de Occidente (CEO) are accordingly signatories of the Global Compact, and Promigas has also joined the Caring for Climate initiative promoted by this latter organization.

We are also active members of renowned international institutions in the gas sector, such as the Gas Control committees of the American Gas Association (AGA) and the National Association of Corrosion Engineering (NACE), and important national institutions, including Andesco, Naturgas, World Energy Council (WEC), Colombian Corrosion Engineers Association, National Gas Operation Council (CNO Gas), Colombian Safety Council, Colombian Industrial Relations and Personnel Association (ACRIP), Grupo Apell, Concentra, Icontec, National Accreditation Organization (ONAC), ANDI, Fenalco, and the Internal Auditors Association. 

We are conscious of the value of institutional synergies in matters of local, regional and national interest for enriching public policies, and several of our companies therefore continue to play an active role in organizations like Empresarios por la Educación, Business Foundations Association (AFE) and the Interamerican Network of Foundations and Business Actions for Base Development (RedEAmérica).