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Human rights​

The human being is the cornerstone of everything we do. We therefore have to respect his rights and promote them, and also remedy any negative consequences, should the need arise. We value diversity and recognize that rights are non-negotiable and inherent in all persons, who should always receive equal treatment. 

In 2019 we drew up our Human Rights Policy, which is based on the declarations made on the subject in our Code of Conduct, which for many years has promoted respect for human rights. The Human Rights Policy sets out their scope when we are pursuing our corporate purpose, and the different areas and fronts, such as communities, our operation, and the environment.  

Workshops were held with different areas of the company in order to identify the risks we are exposed to on the human rights front, and from these a human rights matrix was drawn up which enables us to not only identify those risks but also to establish activities, measures and controls to mitigate them.

Knowing what our human rights risks are gets us closer to communities and enables us to be sustainable and supportive.