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Ethics and corporate governance

Reliable reporting mechanisms

The existence of safe and reliable reporting channels is essential for creating trust and a viable business and working environment. Our reporting channels, such as telephone lines and the website, therefore direct such calls or messages to an independent third party which channels them so that the report is received in full and in a reliable manner, and without any intervention whatsoever by company officials. Our personnel and everyone who interacts with us, whether they be a shareholder, supplier, contractor, customer or service user, or have some other link, can report incorrect conduct or acts of corruption, bribery or asset laundering, and any possible breach of our Code of Conduct.

Communication and training

Constant training is one of our cornerstones.​​
This is why Corporate Risk and Compliance Management carries out training every year for all personnel and for our principal interest groups, in line with a training and communication plan, so that training, updating and, principally, remembering our ethical topics are part of everyday life and are constantly being put into practice. 

Training mechanisms and channels are diverse, and that is why we do all we can to carry out dynamic activities which enable our trainees to internalize our principles, values, policies and procedures in a pleasant and simple way, one which guarantees that the goal of the training is achieved. Thus it was that in 2019 the annual Code of Conduct training consisted of and interesting game that allowed all staff to come together, and then provide feedback. 

Additionally, various managements received specific training in policies and procedures relating to their daily jobs which warrant precise knowledge. 

Our third parties are also part of our training plan; therefore, various training sessions in company policies and procedures were held in 2019 for suppliers and contractors, to guarantee that they are in line with our behavior, and this enables us to minimize the risk of improper conduct or to detect it, if it occurs.


The game ‘Who wants to be a values millionaire?’ allowed us to train, record and finetune the precepts of our Code of Conduct with almost all personnel at Promigas and its associated companies​​



Ethics and Compliance Committee 

The Ethics and Compliance Committee was formed in 2019. It is guided by the Promigas CEO and its secretariat is headed by Corporate Risks and Compliance Management, while its principal goal is to ensure that the Code of Conduct is correctly adhered to and to make whatever recommendations might be necessary for reinforcing the company’s ethical culture; it also has other functions which are defined in its regulations.   

This committee allows for greater transparency in decision-making processes and in the treatment of the most important conflicts of interests for the company. By acting as a collegiate body that issues whatever instructions might be necessary, it creates greater transparency and becomes a fundamental, second-level support for Corporate Risks and Compliance Management, at the same level as anticorruption compliance officials.  

The Ethics and Compliance Committee is chaired by the Promigas CEO, and the secretariat is headed by Corporate Risks and Compliance Management, who safeguard issues to the highest degree of confidentiality. ​

New conflict of interest validation channel
The <>,  email address was created for channeling consultations and validations aimed at reinforcing conflict of interest transparency and management. This tool is available to workers, suppliers, contractors, customers, service users, shareholders and any of our interested parties. ​​